joi, 30 iunie 2011

Raise from hell!!

Walking from a broken dream...
I'm goin' now to hell....
I'm dying , I'm dying!!!!
You never said goodbye
You never said goodbye!!!

I'm walking alone in flames...
In Flames,hot flames...
I'm burning , I'm burning
You never saw me alive
You never saw me alive!!!!

You always said I'm a bad thing
In this fucking world....
Now I'm gone , I'm gone!!
I'm crying ,I'm crying!
You've made me to suffer
You've made me to suffer!!!

Now my life is gone forever
I'm falling  down
Down in darkness...
I can't escape from here!!

I'll come back from hell
To make your life a disaster
You're crying , you're crying!!!
Now I say you goodbye
I say you goodbye!!!

Making you to suffer
It's so funny
Like you did with me!!!
You're bleeding , You're bleeding!!
Burn now in hell!
In hell I said!!!! ohh!!!

Now your life is gone forever
You're falling down
Down in the darkness
You can't escape from here!!!

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