miercuri, 28 noiembrie 2012

Now it's raining

Pain is growing up
It brings me down
I can't hold my head up
I can't hold on
Can't hold on

Where's the happiness?
That was before
One kiss I need more
One hug I need now
Now,when it's raining in my soul
Where's the light that shines so bright?
Where' the laughter that I heard before?

sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

Tu si lumea mea...

Ma simt ca un om lasat in intuneric
Prins si chinuit in propria-mi lume
Cad in genunchi plangand,gandindu-ma la vremuri bune
Cand am trait in asa-zisa lume,
Paradis cu lucruri bune...

Nopti albe
Bere bauta-n doi
Varsand lacrimi dintre nori
Lacrimi de fericire ele-au fost
Desi, parca nu mai are rost
Din tristete le vars acum

Numar frunzele cazute
Caut zilele trecute
Si tot ce-a fost odata
Pomul vietii daca l-as uda
Oare va mai rezista?
Un pas sa fac nu mai indraznesc
Nu mai vreau sa ma ranesc
Stiu ca n-am sa reusesc
Sa te am, sa te iubesc

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

My last tear

Feeling so lonely
In a world so hollow
Living a nightmare so holy
Without pills to swallow

Driving a car through cold of night
Watching a man dying and his last sigh
Catching a tear and make one last fight
Crying a river ,killed by a dark knight

This is my last breath
From now,forver I will rest
In a grave so dark ,so cold
I'll send you my last though
I'll give you my last tear...