sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

Losing everything

I'm losing my only dream
You steal my only hope
I stand here alone
Tomorrow I'll be gone forever
I'm broke and abandoned
The only hope is faded...

If you're trying to keep someone close
That someone push you away
This is not my way
I go back down to try it again
As hard like before...

luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

Daca pleci....

Si daca pleci
Am sa te-astept
Ca sa te-ntorci
La mine aici...

Ma tot gandesc
De ce-ai plecat
Te-am asteptat
Ca sa revii
Ca tu a mea sa fi

Nu voi uita
Chiar daca voi pierii
Nu voi renunta
Pana ce tu a mea vei fi
Aici voi fi
Pan-oi murii...


Driving a Jaguar through hell
To the devil's castle
And then...
Fighting with the demons
Just to become the king...

Walking on the flames
These feelings makes me strong
Tonight all the city will be burned....


I'm singing you last time
Our love song tonight
'Cuz I feel you'll say goodbye
I'm singing you one more time
And I will say that I'm
Lost in your blue eyes...

Waching me suffering
Is all that you want
I know that you're leaving now
Without saying me goodbye...


Sleeping in a grave
Protected by a slave
I just need someone brave
Who can save...
A man from tears
A child from fears...
That's all I want tonight
That's all I want for my life...

Life goes easy
When you're not alone
Life goes hard
When everything is gone...