miercuri, 25 aprilie 2012


You're going down
You're falling down on the floor
Keep going

You're dying down in hell
You're burning down in hell...
Keep going,keep going

I am the fallen angel
I rise from flames...
I have the darkest mind
No one has ever seen this before...
Just be ready
And fall down...
Man down...
Down on the floor...

sâmbătă, 14 aprilie 2012

Cold inside....

There's so cold
Inside of my soul
There's a fire
Inside of my heart
There is a war inside of me

Can't take anymore from this life
Tonight I'm ending this run through
This cold and lonely life
And I'll take a ride on the flames
Through the hell that is
Not so cold like this nightmare
That I'm livin' in...

No more lies I want
Not more pain from this
Never forget what I've done
On this earth when I was alive
And I felt the cold of
All your fucking lies
And I'm walking through the cold
Of this night 'til I touch the flames
And I will feel my blood boiling