luni, 31 octombrie 2011

*Nu intreba*

Nu intreba
De ce pe mine
Nu te poti baza
Nu o sa-ti fie bine
Si acum imi vine
Sa urlu
Din ce in ce mai tare...
Sa-mi dau ultima suflare....

Nu intreba...
Unde am plecat
Sansa tu ti-ai ratat
Si de cand am aflat
De ce sunt in stare
Torn in urma din lacrimi o mare.....
Soarele pentru mine nu mai rasare....

Nu intreba
De ce n-apare
Viata pe loc aici dispare
In suflet n-ai deloc candoare....
Arunca o privire
Acolo-n zare
Soarele incet incet dispare...

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

Love desire....

What I've become
A broken man
Living in the fear
I'm still dying
When I miss you
I'm going insane
I feel like I'm losing you...

You said I'm living in fear
Cause I don't wanna lose you
And every time I hear these words
I smile thinking you always be mine.....

Every night
I walk a lonely road
Thinking of
The taste of your lips
Every sigh
Makes me leave
And never come back....

This is a love desire
Falling out of my heart
Now I'm thinking
Where you're hiding
I wish that I find you
Then holding you thousand years......

sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011


When you leaved our place
I yelled to you to come back
You will show your face??
Or you'll just kill the love
And push it through my heart
And let me die from bleeding

I'm not perfect...
But I'm good enough to fight
I will not give up
I'm too young to fall apart
Let me fight then drag me to hell
I'll feel the pain that I felt before
More and more and more....

miercuri, 12 octombrie 2011

When ....

When I see you
My heart beat faster
When I hold you
My heart beat faster
When I kiss you
My heart
My heart beat faster

It is going insane
When I hold you
It is beating so slow
When you're not around
It is burning
When I need you...
It is breaking
When I see you falling down....

marți, 11 octombrie 2011


Touch my hopeless heart
Try to feel the fire
Inside it.
I'm not the man you think I am
Just try to know me

I'm trying to go through this life
But there's empty inside
It's nothing in ,just hopelessness...

I can't face the dark
Without your help...
Without you,I'm nothing at all...
Nothing in this world...

I don't know what I've become
I'm just a monster...
I'm trying to scream but
My voice is too softer...

Heart beating too fast
This day is the last
My life I will cast
And it will be dust

joi, 6 octombrie 2011

Dying from love...

This always happens...
I can not resist
Every thought is painful
I can't more...
I feel like I'm dying from love....

If you don't wanna hear
About me anymore...
Just tell me one thing..
And let me die alone.....
Just let me die alone!!

But I can't let you go
You're all I have left now
And I'm asking how
You don't care anymore...

When you pushed me away
I start falling apart
When you leaved me alone
I start dying from love...

miercuri, 5 octombrie 2011

You broke my heart....

I have nothing left to say
I just wanna forget that day...
I see fallen angels
I hear thousand bells...

There's nothing left to do
You'll never come back..
And now I can't face the sadness
Without you
Without you is hard
Too hard and dangerous

I remember when I saw you first time
I knew you'll be mine
And now you're running away
Without saying goodbye....
Without saying goodbye......
You broke my heart....