joi, 30 iunie 2011

Crud si rece...

Dintr-o data am devenit foarte rece
Cred ca asta nu va trece
La tine nu-mi mai sta gandul
N-as mai vrea sa-ti simt parfumul....

Plec departe de tine
Nu vei mai auzi de mine
Eu nu ma voi schimba
De boala mea nu ma voi trata

Si de-ti va fi dor
Vei  afla ca pentru tine
N-am sa mor
Acum imi e mult mai bine...

Chiar daca suferi
Eu tot n-apar
Sufletul mi-e amar
Pe veci eu dispar
Cautarea e-n zadar
Nu voi da un semn macar
Si daca plangi
Gandurile mi le alungi

Raise from hell!!

Walking from a broken dream...
I'm goin' now to hell....
I'm dying , I'm dying!!!!
You never said goodbye
You never said goodbye!!!

I'm walking alone in flames...
In Flames,hot flames...
I'm burning , I'm burning
You never saw me alive
You never saw me alive!!!!

You always said I'm a bad thing
In this fucking world....
Now I'm gone , I'm gone!!
I'm crying ,I'm crying!
You've made me to suffer
You've made me to suffer!!!

Now my life is gone forever
I'm falling  down
Down in darkness...
I can't escape from here!!

I'll come back from hell
To make your life a disaster
You're crying , you're crying!!!
Now I say you goodbye
I say you goodbye!!!

Making you to suffer
It's so funny
Like you did with me!!!
You're bleeding , You're bleeding!!
Burn now in hell!
In hell I said!!!! ohh!!!

Now your life is gone forever
You're falling down
Down in the darkness
You can't escape from here!!!


Standing outside in the rain
Feeling this fucking pain
I'm just here alone
No more time and then I'm gone...
Feeling so sad..
Maybe I'm mad....

This will be my sacrifice
For everybody who hates me
I will fall apart of life
Because I'm just me
A bad thing in your mind....

For some love (what i don't have...)

Look in my eyes and tell me what you see
Tell me all your feelings
I need you here...
On my arms to give you hug when i want....
Don't tell me you're leaving now
Cause you'll broke my heart...

You're everything ...
You're anything ...

duminică, 19 iunie 2011

The Nightmare...

I'm in your nightmare
I'm the hunter
Feel my power
I'm the mage
And you're in my cage
Now you'll feel my rage
I don't care....

Demons everywhere
You're so scared...
You're bleeding now..
You just sleep in your grave!!.

Lonely kill people!!<>

You don't care about your lonely
But it kills you slowly
You will die so slowly
You will die in torments
Like everyone who kills my happiness

You're alone in this world
Just like me!!!...
Don't dare to speak with me....

vineri, 17 iunie 2011


I wanna see you suffering
Burn in hell.
I don't need you as my friend...
You're a fucking liar.....

I'm waching in my diary
Where I noted my crimes
My fucking crimes!

Look there in that corner
On that wall
Is engraved my name with enemy's blood!!!

This place is private , private...
For everyone ...

You don't  worth to live anymore
So , burn in hell!!!...