vineri, 5 decembrie 2014


I drop my body upon the frozen ground
And cover up with memories that I have found
I drop the warmth of the soul in a hole
And cover up with the coldness that I stole....

miercuri, 3 decembrie 2014

The last door....

Since you are born
Death starts taking your life slowly
Since you reach the last door
You'll find the end of your story...

Once you reach the last floor
Only memories remain
Once you close the last door behind your back
There's nothing more for you to gain.....

luni, 1 decembrie 2014


In a world of darkness
You are a light
In a world of sorrow
You are the cure

But as a light,you are so cold
As a cure you are the pain..

Come here,between these empty walls
Gain your warmth,
Replace the pain..

Replace the pain with strong affection,
Make a day that's full of light

Stop the pain,wich kills emotions
Fulfil this game and gain salvation.....

marți, 7 octombrie 2014


One day
Should I walk away?
In the middle of the night,
I pray
Should I give up?
But I still hold on...

I give it all for tonight
I give it all for my life..
I give it all, one more day,
Forever here I will stay......


Black dreams in the night
Nightmares you couldn't fight
In the morning ,trying to reach the light
What you did is not right...

Run into the dark
Walk without any spark
Walk through the mud
Run from the flood
Tonight a smile is your mood...

luni, 14 aprilie 2014

Dark angel...

Dark angel fallen from the sky
Every fear you should dry
Bring your beauty to the world
Share your kindness with the cold
Show them all what they hold

Stop the suffering for these lives
Rise against all the lies
Never fear the bleak
Teach them all they're not weak

Dark angel with black wings
Cure all their poisoned stings
Use your words wich sound like strings
Play the songs of the kings...

joi, 6 martie 2014

A last hope....

Watching the sky
Staring at the stars
If I could fly
I would touch the stars

Watching the moon
Staring at his glow
His light I will follow
'til I see my dream come true
I hope it will happen soon
I know what I've been through

Watching the night sky
I know there is light
Even If i see only dark
There could be a spark....

duminică, 16 februarie 2014

Take away my love

Take me away...
With all my incurable sickness
Drop me on the ground
With all my madness..

As I lay here on the ground
I see the world runing away
With all my happiness
With all my insanity...

Take away all I have
Take away my love
Take away my hope
Like you've done so many times
This is all you've done


Unde te-ai dus
Unde ai plecat
E pustiu aici
Nu stiu ce sa fac

Noptile sunt lungi
Nesfarsite dungi
ce-mi acopera sufletul
In zori de ziua sunt pustiu...


This life is a nonsense
Without someone near I can't face
When I'm living in a world so wrong....

This life's a monster
When no one helps you when it's hard
Nobody could live like this...

I don't wanna be lonely, no more
I don't wanna be angry, no more
As long as you're with me
I will never be this way...


I wanna feel your heartbeat
When I hold you tight
I wanna feel your touch
When I'm laying down
When you're looking into my eyes so dark
I'd like to see your smile so bright
Just one kiss it's all I want
And the story will begin....