sâmbătă, 30 iulie 2011

Please don't cry...

Don't cry tonight
I know I disappointed you
But please don't cry
I know I leaved you alone
But please don't cry....

Everytime we see fallen tears
But this time we just want happiness
There's no more sadness

Don't cry tonight
I know your life is lonely
But please don't cry
I know the dreams never gonna be real
But please don't cry
Don't forget our's first smile...

marți, 26 iulie 2011

Goodbye my darling...

Today the sky is breaking
The water is drying
The earth is cracking
The hell is installed
So do not run
Your soul is bound to cry
Just fucked up and die

Everywhere smells of blood
You're just not in the mood
To save our souls
Just stay inside your mind
Just say goodbye

luni, 18 iulie 2011

Voice of a demon...

This voice of demon
Is not just inside your head
Is just around you
Can you hear it clearly

My demon's voice
Just follow you everywhere...
You can't leave it in the rain..
But it cans...

Runing is not good for you
Staying is just the same
Maybe you can lock
Your life inside of a cave...

Outside it's so cold...
Your blood is frozen
There's not solutions for you
Just give up and die...

Repair what you destroyed!!!

Iti trimit lacrimi de sus
Nu mai am nimic de spus
Amintirele mele au apus
Si eu din viatza ta m-am dus..
Doar tu m-ai rapus
Si la durere m-ai supus...
Tu totul ai distrus
Si acum ca nu's
Un cantec am compus...
Nu e nimeni mai presus...

Tu in mine n-ai crezut
De aceea n-am putut,
Sa raman , deci am disparut
Tot ce ai facut, m-a durut
Doar pe tine te-am avut....

Dar intr-o zi intunecata..
Pe inima mi-ai lasat o pata
Am crezut ca viata-mi e ratata
Asa cum n-am banuit vreodata...
Ochii ii deschid de-ndata
Si intalnesc o alta fata..
Poate mi se intampla inc-odata....

vineri, 8 iulie 2011

Poison inside of my veins

Make me cry
Me wanna see you die...
I walk away
Just on my way
Dreaming a new day
When I'll can stop this rain

How can I survive
With this poison
Wich runs through my veins
Give me the antidote
For everything is in my head
For all these bad thoughts..

Right now!!
I need it more than I need you now...
More than I need the essence of life...

This poison inside of my veins
Is too strong for me...
Without help and some love ..
I'll not survive...
Just I'll die

And then all it's over ...
No more beautiful things
Just help me until
I'll rest in peace forever...
Right now!!
I need it more than I need you now...
More than I need the essence of life...

joi, 7 iulie 2011

>_< Chaos....

I just said , that is chaos!!!
You burried  me in hell..
It is chaos...

Oh my god...
It is chaos
It is chaos
My dreams are gone forever

Why you told all these things
My life is now a disaster...
I just wanna die
In this world of chaos
In this world full of pain
Our fortress was destroyed
By all these fucking lies

No more lies
No more pain
Just die
Just hate me and go
I just want my life back...
I wanna be alone
Staying around of these ruins...

Oh my god...
It is chaos
It is chaos
My dreams are gone forever

Our love has faded
And a thought troubled me
Inside my broken heart
Why you leaved me in pain?

Chaos is everywhere in our minds
We just can't leave life without this
I just wanna stay alive in pain....

Why we can't try again ?
I promise it will be ok....
It will be ok!!!!!