miercuri, 23 mai 2012

Just you and I :*!!!

Open your eyes
And let me be closer
Than I could ever be..
Close your eyes
And let me kiss you
Let yourself kissed
Like is the last time...
I'm not going anywhere..
I'm here for you forever...

I feel that I stop breathing
When you're far away...
I can't stop smiling
When you're here with me...

Here I am
Forever just for you
Here I am
I'll never runaway..
I will start crying...
If you'll go away...

Look up to the sky
Stare at the stars
One of them could be our star...
Just for you and I tonight
Make me smile
Send me to the paradise
Where we could be togheter
Just you and I...

sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

When you're beside me...

When you look at me
I'm staring at your beautiful brown eyes
I saw a spark inside of them...
I saw you smiling without a reason
While you're looking at me

Tonight I want you to join me
To watch the stars lighting on us
I'm staring at your pretty face
I'm looking deep in your eyes
Where I see happyness
Which is enough for us
For a thousand years