joi, 7 noiembrie 2013


Soare-al diminetii
Ivzor al vietii
Speranta mi-a daruit
Cu iubire m-a acoperit
Lumea buna n-a pierit....

Frig al noptii
Strigatul mortii
Ceata fumurie
Viata povestea-si rescrie...

The master is the time...

I know that time will choose
What will happen next
I know that it knows what is good or bad
I just hope that it will hear
My darkest prayers in this night
And make me get through just
Just one real good life ...

I just wanna hear it now
I'm not so bad at all
And realize What I've been through
To make tomorrow change

I just wanna hear it now
I'm not gonna bend or break
And see this life I'm going through
Chaging day by day....

Looking in my heart so dark
Thinking just to break the night
To see your light so bright...

vineri, 16 august 2013

The Darkness

Howling wolves at night
Wake me up from my rest
I don't think I can fight
My darkness feels so blessed

Waiting for the sunrise
One more night goes fine
Seeing those snake eyes
Watching me drowning in wine

Before the darkness blows out
The warmness of a soul
Try to catch one more shout
Reaching one last goal...

joi, 27 iunie 2013

I won't give up

I won't give up on you
I won't let it all slip away
Just because a quarrel
I'm sorry that you believed
That I'm breaking up with you
I'm sorry...
I'm not doing this

I'm not doing this
'Cuz I care about you
I really care....
Now I just wanna make things right
Just please belive me that
I really like you my little bunny
I want you to belive me
I'm not leaving you

I didn't break up with you
You have to believe me
You can trust me
I'm not gonna do the same mistake again
I feel real sorry.....

marți, 18 iunie 2013

Make things right.....

I'm dying on the inside
From the things that I've done wrong
Now I just wanna make things right
Everything will be alright
If I can get one last chance...

I've learned from these mistakes
And I know that I won't do that again
I know that it will be ok...
Back in the old days....

I didn't mean that things..
And I feel real sorry
'Cuz I became upset for no reason...
I feel real sorry......

luni, 3 iunie 2013

Brave warrior...

Brave warrior that fight
With honor in sight
With the sword in his hand
He will conquer the land

The death is a blessing
For the vikings
That send them to Valhalla
A place without dark
With light
Without fight
But peace...

Brave warrior with beard
And long hair
Fight without fear
Fight for the glory
Fight for your land
For your place in Valhalla...

For the warriors that fell before
Killed by the swords
Rise now your axes ,your spears and the swords
Fight for the glory....

duminică, 10 februarie 2013

Piatra de mormant...

Pune-mi piatra de mormant
Scrie-mi doar un cuvant
Un gand de iubire
Pentr-o vesnicie.

O raza intunecata
Doar o pata
O inima impacata
Si pe veci uitata...

Pune-mi trupul in pamant
Acopera-l cu fum si plumb
Pana ce amintirea o strapung
Si-mi voi vedea de drumul lung...
Drum intunecat
Ca privirea ce-am lasat...

vineri, 1 februarie 2013

With the art in blood...

I'm on my way
On a psycho path
I'm gonna be alone tonight
I'm gonna die locked inside this body
There's no reason to live like this...

No,don't touch me...
You can't change the way I am
Forever here ,lost in this world
Slowly crawling through the fire...

I'm slowly dying
And there's noway for salvation
Inside I'm crying
Begging for redemption...

Cut this body in twice
You could find something nice
Something for your heart
Much blood full of art....

miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

Amintiri in mintea mea...

De lume m-am indepartat
De-ndata ce-am aflat
Ca n-am prieteni cu adevarat
Acesti oameni au sfaramat
Tot ce-am simtit
Tot ce-am trait
Inima mea
Speranta mea...

In stanga, umbra
In dreapta, umbra
In fata,spate, umbra
Singuratate sumbra.

Asternut de catifea
Cimitir in fata mea
Amintiri in mintea mea.

Speranta ce-a murit,
Viata ce s-a naruit,
Se zbat acum in fata mea
Se da o lupta grea...