joi, 25 august 2011

Not strong enough...

I'm trying to stop tears to fall
But it is so hard
Emotions are too strong
I'm trying to stop this pain
But I can't
'Cause nobody cares
I'm not strong enough

miercuri, 24 august 2011

Repair what you destroyed!!! [continuare]

Si de se va intampla
Inima mi se va darama
Nu mi se va mai repara
Inca o data nu voi ceda
Nu ma voi deranja
Asa ceva
Nu mi se va mai intampla...

Mai bine singur sa pier
Chiar aici in ger...

Niciodata nu voi revenii
Un necunoscut voi devenii
Pana-n ziua cand voi imbatranii...

miercuri, 17 august 2011

Nu ceda...

Nu ceda
Caci nu vei cadea
Nu plange
Nimeni nu o sa te alunge..
Nu pleca
Nimeni nu te va deranja....
Nu te-ntrista
Totul se va rezolva
Nu ceda
Durerea va paraliza...

Nu ceda
Urmeaza-ti calea ta
Nu plange
Speranta te va constrange
Nu pleca
Viata ta te va exalta
Nu te intrista
Totul se va rezolva
Nu ceda
Obscurul se va spulbera....

[Cea de-a doua strofa e facuta de Alice... o foarte buna prietena]

Dying Breed!!!

Just a fucking mentality
Can't hold you alive...
That's a dying breed...

Romanians are a dying breed...
And that's the real
They're showing how we can fall down
Prepare your tomb...
'Cause we're falling down
Down on the ground.....

We'll die from bleeding...
Now we can just to scream..
We're a dying breed
A dying breed..
A dying breed...

[That's because i hate the romanians mentality]

sâmbătă, 13 august 2011

Just my feelings..[real]

There's no one to care
I'm sick of all...
I just wanna someone close..
Who cares about me..
Who loves me for who am I...

Maybe this person doesn't exist
Else was here with me
To help me when is so hard
To live anymore in this wolrd...

This can't be happening to me
There is not that one
Who cares about me..
That's only pain
My little world is breaking down
And I can't do anything...

vineri, 5 august 2011


This is not my good day
I just wanna runaway
This is a fucking nightmare
Why you don't care?

Just a little heartache
Can rest my soul
I just wanna stop this suffering
I want a world where dreams are real...

What is to do
What is to say
There is a war inside of me
Battle after battle...
Blood shed and bodies
Of our people....
And more and more sacrifices

We will never need a doctore
We can remedy ourselfs...
But in everyhour there's people
Who will fall..