duminică, 16 februarie 2014

Take away my love

Take me away...
With all my incurable sickness
Drop me on the ground
With all my madness..

As I lay here on the ground
I see the world runing away
With all my happiness
With all my insanity...

Take away all I have
Take away my love
Take away my hope
Like you've done so many times
This is all you've done


Unde te-ai dus
Unde ai plecat
E pustiu aici
Nu stiu ce sa fac

Noptile sunt lungi
Nesfarsite dungi
ce-mi acopera sufletul
In zori de ziua sunt pustiu...


This life is a nonsense
Without someone near I can't face
When I'm living in a world so wrong....

This life's a monster
When no one helps you when it's hard
Nobody could live like this...

I don't wanna be lonely, no more
I don't wanna be angry, no more
As long as you're with me
I will never be this way...


I wanna feel your heartbeat
When I hold you tight
I wanna feel your touch
When I'm laying down
When you're looking into my eyes so dark
I'd like to see your smile so bright
Just one kiss it's all I want
And the story will begin....