vineri, 5 decembrie 2014


I drop my body upon the frozen ground
And cover up with memories that I have found
I drop the warmth of the soul in a hole
And cover up with the coldness that I stole....

miercuri, 3 decembrie 2014

The last door....

Since you are born
Death starts taking your life slowly
Since you reach the last door
You'll find the end of your story...

Once you reach the last floor
Only memories remain
Once you close the last door behind your back
There's nothing more for you to gain.....

luni, 1 decembrie 2014


In a world of darkness
You are a light
In a world of sorrow
You are the cure

But as a light,you are so cold
As a cure you are the pain..

Come here,between these empty walls
Gain your warmth,
Replace the pain..

Replace the pain with strong affection,
Make a day that's full of light

Stop the pain,wich kills emotions
Fulfil this game and gain salvation.....