miercuri, 28 noiembrie 2012

Now it's raining

Pain is growing up
It brings me down
I can't hold my head up
I can't hold on
Can't hold on

Where's the happiness?
That was before
One kiss I need more
One hug I need now
Now,when it's raining in my soul
Where's the light that shines so bright?
Where' the laughter that I heard before?

sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

Tu si lumea mea...

Ma simt ca un om lasat in intuneric
Prins si chinuit in propria-mi lume
Cad in genunchi plangand,gandindu-ma la vremuri bune
Cand am trait in asa-zisa lume,
Paradis cu lucruri bune...

Nopti albe
Bere bauta-n doi
Varsand lacrimi dintre nori
Lacrimi de fericire ele-au fost
Desi, parca nu mai are rost
Din tristete le vars acum

Numar frunzele cazute
Caut zilele trecute
Si tot ce-a fost odata
Pomul vietii daca l-as uda
Oare va mai rezista?
Un pas sa fac nu mai indraznesc
Nu mai vreau sa ma ranesc
Stiu ca n-am sa reusesc
Sa te am, sa te iubesc

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

My last tear

Feeling so lonely
In a world so hollow
Living a nightmare so holy
Without pills to swallow

Driving a car through cold of night
Watching a man dying and his last sigh
Catching a tear and make one last fight
Crying a river ,killed by a dark knight

This is my last breath
From now,forver I will rest
In a grave so dark ,so cold
I'll send you my last though
I'll give you my last tear...

duminică, 28 octombrie 2012


Just like I said before
I don't regret the past
I just regret the present
I don't want the future anymore
If is not what I wish...
If you're not with me...
If I can't smile...

Knowing that you'll be happy with me
Knowing that noone wil try
To separate us
Is what I want...

joi, 11 octombrie 2012

Durerea trecutului....

Gandul ce-a fugit
Nu s-a mai ivit,
Ura creierul mi-l inunda
Doar de speranta o unda,
Am nevoie pentr-o gandire profunda.

Visul cand il vezi
Nu poti sa-l mai crezi
Totul ai vrea sa arzi
Trecutul sa-l inchizi
In inima ta sa-l visezi...

sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2012

Share my tears...

I'll share my tears tonight
Just to make things right
I'll share my love this time
Just to know that you'll be mine...

I'll do anything tonight
Just to see for what I cried
I'll share my atention for tonight
I just won't give up this time...
I just won't give up this time....
I'll fight one more time
Just to make you mine....

joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Toamna trista...

Totul afara-i trist si monoton
Nu mai vezi nici macar urma de om
Frunzele au cazut din pom
Ma mai incalzeste doar gustul de rom
A inceput cel mai urat sezon

Toamna trista ,toamna rea
Era mai bine daca nu venea
Sufletul cu frig mi l-a acoperit
Gandul bun mi l-a omorat

Stau in parc, povestea-mi scriu
Ganduri nespuse, mult prea tarziu
Timpul inapoi sa-l dau as vrea,
Sa-mi indeplinesc dorinta mea
Dorinta mea de iubire
Ce s-a transformat in amagire...

sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

Everytime I die...

Everytime I die..
I feel keeping down
All the feelings that I get
Surrounding by my heart
Makes me cry all the night
Everytime it goes on pain
Can't get through...
Can't get through the flames

Everything it seems to  fade...
Give me the kiss of death....
Hold me in  the fire
Grip me with your shadows
Evertime I die...
I feel my open wounds
I feel them bleeding...
I feel the pain
The chaos that I'm geting in.....

miercuri, 23 mai 2012

Just you and I :*!!!

Open your eyes
And let me be closer
Than I could ever be..
Close your eyes
And let me kiss you
Let yourself kissed
Like is the last time...
I'm not going anywhere..
I'm here for you forever...

I feel that I stop breathing
When you're far away...
I can't stop smiling
When you're here with me...

Here I am
Forever just for you
Here I am
I'll never runaway..
I will start crying...
If you'll go away...

Look up to the sky
Stare at the stars
One of them could be our star...
Just for you and I tonight
Make me smile
Send me to the paradise
Where we could be togheter
Just you and I...

sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

When you're beside me...

When you look at me
I'm staring at your beautiful brown eyes
I saw a spark inside of them...
I saw you smiling without a reason
While you're looking at me

Tonight I want you to join me
To watch the stars lighting on us
I'm staring at your pretty face
I'm looking deep in your eyes
Where I see happyness
Which is enough for us
For a thousand years

miercuri, 25 aprilie 2012


You're going down
You're falling down on the floor
Keep going

You're dying down in hell
You're burning down in hell...
Keep going,keep going

I am the fallen angel
I rise from flames...
I have the darkest mind
No one has ever seen this before...
Just be ready
And fall down...
Man down...
Down on the floor...

sâmbătă, 14 aprilie 2012

Cold inside....

There's so cold
Inside of my soul
There's a fire
Inside of my heart
There is a war inside of me

Can't take anymore from this life
Tonight I'm ending this run through
This cold and lonely life
And I'll take a ride on the flames
Through the hell that is
Not so cold like this nightmare
That I'm livin' in...

No more lies I want
Not more pain from this
Never forget what I've done
On this earth when I was alive
And I felt the cold of
All your fucking lies
And I'm walking through the cold
Of this night 'til I touch the flames
And I will feel my blood boiling

miercuri, 28 martie 2012

Never mine...

I've been waiting so long
For your love to have
For your eyes to see
For your voice to listen..

Now I just know
That you'll never come
That you'll never be mine

sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012


When the rain is falling
I hear you crying
I see you dying
But I can't do anything...

When the love is faded
I feel it's ended
I feel so pushed around
But I can't do anything...

When the sun is shining
I see you smiling
I can see your loving eyes

You're never gonna be alone
I'm here with you at home
Gonna kiss you or some...

luni, 6 februarie 2012

Get the fuck away from me....

Get the fuck away from me
Without honesty you're dead for me
Go fuck yourself
Just kill yourself
So...get the fuck out
You'll never know what it's like
To be me....

You're just a big disgrace
Never dare to talk me again
You're just a big disgrace
A big disgrace....

sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

Losing everything

I'm losing my only dream
You steal my only hope
I stand here alone
Tomorrow I'll be gone forever
I'm broke and abandoned
The only hope is faded...

If you're trying to keep someone close
That someone push you away
This is not my way
I go back down to try it again
As hard like before...

luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

Daca pleci....

Si daca pleci
Am sa te-astept
Ca sa te-ntorci
La mine aici...

Ma tot gandesc
De ce-ai plecat
Te-am asteptat
Ca sa revii
Ca tu a mea sa fi

Nu voi uita
Chiar daca voi pierii
Nu voi renunta
Pana ce tu a mea vei fi
Aici voi fi
Pan-oi murii...


Driving a Jaguar through hell
To the devil's castle
And then...
Fighting with the demons
Just to become the king...

Walking on the flames
These feelings makes me strong
Tonight all the city will be burned....


I'm singing you last time
Our love song tonight
'Cuz I feel you'll say goodbye
I'm singing you one more time
And I will say that I'm
Lost in your blue eyes...

Waching me suffering
Is all that you want
I know that you're leaving now
Without saying me goodbye...


Sleeping in a grave
Protected by a slave
I just need someone brave
Who can save...
A man from tears
A child from fears...
That's all I want tonight
That's all I want for my life...

Life goes easy
When you're not alone
Life goes hard
When everything is gone...